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Welcome to Butterfly Kisses Website!

Quality Care isnt expensive, its Priceless!

Thank you for your interest in my programs! BK offers childcare and learning programs all with affordable rates.  Please browse my web pages and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 
 Your paying for spot and absences do not reduce tuition. We plan for, staff and prepare for each child whether s/he is here or not. Our cost are determined based on enrollment figures - not based on actual attendance. Your commitment is due every week/month regardless of attendance.
  • We are licensed and on the food program.
  • We are open all year long.
  • Experienced caregivers wanting to form long term relationships.
  • Preschool program monday through Friday.
  • After school program for school-agers.
  • Time outdoors everyday to play, work, walk and explore.
  • Loving christian environment
  • Homecooked Nutritious snacks and meals served. 
  • Monthly field trips for preschool program
  • CPR and First-Aid certified, State back ground check has been cleared and so has an FBI fingerprint
  • Each child is allowed to develop at their own pace and interact with other children in age-appropriate activities.
  • "What did I do today" sheets sent home daily with all children birth through potty training stage.
  • Parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child’s development.
  • Your child will develop a foundation for lifelong literacy through storytelling and puppetry, poetry and verse, individual lap time with a book and music on a daily basis.

Parents who pay for childcare rates don't pay extra for certain programs if your child is here during that time. You will just have to sign permission slip allowing your child to participate in the program. If you are confused what program to put your child in or have questions let me know and we can discuss it.

BK Philosophy
At Butterfly Kisses we believe every child develops at their own pace, and that they need love, support and respect to learn. We believe that children need to be actively involved in their own learning. We work on all areas of a child's development to help them grow as an individual that has respect for themselves and others.

Discipline Policy

Discipline (Behavior goals/guidelines):
Discipline means to teach, while in my care only positive encouragement is enforced. I do use the 1-2-3 magic method, time out, and removal of privileges if needed be. We also have a behavior chart we use now.

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